One of the main diseases that attack many industrialists around the world is cancer. One of the most notorious types of cancer in this regard is mesothelioma which is also known as lung cancer. Various approaches to control the disease have been identified. Some of these methods of controlling the disease are: creating awareness among all the people at risk, conducting high quality research about the disease and doing high quality research about the disease. As pointed above, awareness creation plays a very significant role. This article explains a number of ways which the government and non-governmental organizations must do to mitigate the impacts of the disease.

Use Social Media

One of the major ways of creating good campaign that will have significant success is using social media. Over 2 billion people are currently using social media to socialize. Some of these people are those working in risk prone areas and those who have the ambition of working in these areas. Therefore, by creating a major social media campaign, one can be able to reach many people and make the message known.

Liaising with the employers

Another important way of creating awareness is to liaise with the employers. Some of the companies using asbestos make billions of dollars per year. Unfortunately, many of them usually do not have any love or regard for the employees. Thus, they don’t get good gear for the employees to put on and prevent this disease. Therefore, they should always be involved in this dialogue.

Use mass media

Mass media such as newspapers and television are very important tools to convey a particular messahge. This is because many people read newspapers and stay awake to watch television. The role of the radio should not be underestimated. Therefore, it is important to use mass media in this case.